Lived in Hawaii, was a gymnast, travelled to Greece, hiked the Stein Valley, traveled in Australia, went to university in France, completed a degree, tried being an Ambulance attendant, had a landscaping business, went to Asia every year over a 10 year period, camped on a beach in the Baja for 3 weeks, spent one of my best weeks at Fairy Meadows skiing, volunteered for Outward Bound in North Carolina, participated in a Women of Courage Outward Bound Course, dislocated my elbow skiing, worked as a volly ski patroller, discovered a passion for photography, had my heart broken, trekked in Nepal, worked as a camera assistant in the film business, took photography classes at Emily Carr, developed film in my bathroom, made prints in darkrooms, worked as a set stills photographer in the film industry, fell in love, found yoga, snowboarded in Switzerland, got married, had a son, lived in Pemberton B.C., drove around America in a trailer taking pictures, exhibited my work, photographed people getting married, families growing, mushrooms in the forest, moved to Whistler B.C. to live the dream, made alot of photographs.


Develop a series of fine art nature photographs, explore South America, speak another language, complete the Spearhead Traverse, get better with age, have my photos in magazines, win an award, photograph the cherry blossoms of Northern Japan, go heli skiing, do more set stills for movies, have a cabin on a lake, teach photography, go to Alaska, paddle the Columbia river, own more art, find my dream home, travel thru time to meet Ansel Adams, inspire someone, connect with nature whenever possible, have alot more adventures, remain in love, grow old, never stop making pictures.


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The Crystal Lodge, Whistler B.C.

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